Stunning in Wales

Photographs below are either local near the site or a short drive

Our campsite in South Wales will let you see many types of garden birds and even Red Kites or Buzzards. The common land that surrounds us has sheep, horses and cows which can be seen at different times. Why not bring your bird feeder so you can attract birds to your van.

We have our own stream where you can sit and relax, you can follow its journey to discover some wonderful walks up over the hills.

The birds on the campsite

Nut hatch
Nut hatch in flight
Nut hatch and Sparrow
Baby Sparrow in Wales
DIpper in the streat
Woodpecker greater spotted

The stream

Stream walking in Wales
Stream hill walk

The common


Common land horses

The beautiful campsite

Buttercup meadow

Buttercup meadow

In Early May we have a beautiful display of buttercups in our small meadow area.

Camping by the stream in Wales

Coffee time

We have a little table and chairs set down by the stream where you can chill out.

Wales campsite with stream

Stream walk

Just a ten minute walk from the campsite is a small area which will take you back in time.

Wake up in Wales

Brecon Beacon stream on Black mountain

Black mountain

The other side of the black mountain, just 20 minutes drive are small cascades of waterfalls.

Wales Dark Skies

Dark skies in Wales

We have a dark skies zone here in the Brecon beacons and have amazing darkness.

Hill walks in South Wales

Top of the hill

Just 15 minutes walk up the hill from the campsite and you can see for many miles.