Campsite things to do

Brynglas retreat campsite is ideal for motorhomes and campervans who want to visit
the Black Mountains or Brecons Beacons in South Wales.

The windmill walk is only 25 minutes from camp with stunning scenery all the way to the top.

Brynamman Cinema

Brynamman Cinema

Why not visit Brynamman cinema which is only a ten minute drive from the campsite. The Cinema has all the latest movies to watch and has beautiful local character and style with silver surfer prices on a Tuesday.

Showtimes vary depending on the movies and the time of year. You can click on our image to the left to find out what movies are live this week or copy and paste this link.

10 minutes drive

Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm

Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm
Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm

Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm, located between Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, and Clydach, Swansea, will have 16 turbines standing 127m (415ft) tall at their highest point. Only around 15 minutes from the campsite, you will head towards Ammanford from Brynglas retreat to find it.

Black mountain visitor center

Black mountain visitor center

There are displays of locally made crafts for sale, touchscreen computers to use and a series of wall mounted maps. Here you will find a wealth of information and advice, from leaflets, pocket guides, to posters, internet access, local knowledge and expertise. There are also a number of interpretive images panels within the Centre displaying the wonderful scenery and heritage of the Black Mountain and a selection of leaflets available for local walks around Brynaman and the Upper Amman Valley.

The Black Mountain Centre, Cwmgarw Road, Brynaman, Ammanford SA18 1BU

Black mountains walks

Black mountain walks
Herberts Quarry
Rock pools

The west side of the black mountains is only 15 minutes drive to the very top. You head towards Brynamman and then go up the hill where you will find (GOOGLE MAPS) Herbert's Quarry at the top. The kilns are free to view. Plenty of FREE parking and you can walk until you legs fall of.

A further 5 minutes drive over the mountain and you come to a cascading river with small waterfalls. Depending how far you want to drive on the same road you can continue to drive and you will discover the Red Kite center.

Pontsticill Lake walks

Pontsticll lake
Pontstcill lake walking

Although it's about 45 minutes from the campsite this is a beautiful place to visit, either whilst on your way to us, or when you leave. There is a small car park opposite the steam railway station on the other bank where you can spend a few hours walking and enjoying this stunning Welsh lake.

Tairgwaith working men's club

Tairgwaith working men's club is just ten minutes walk from the campsite. You can watch Tv, have a game of pool or chill and say hello to some of the local people here in Wales.

Ten minute walk

18 Laurderdale road, SA18 1YG
Telephone: 01269 823108

Click on photo to visit the facebook page.

Dog walking photo shoot

Walking near Tairgwaith campsite

Would you like your dog photographed? Why not have a photo shoot when camping in Tairgwaith, South Wales.

As a professional photograph we can get some beautiful shots of your dogs, we can go walking and photograph them whilst they are having fun and playing.

Brynglas Retreat campsite Photogaphy.

Dog Photography in Tairgwaith
Dog walks in Tairgwaith
Dog photography in stream
Dogs sat in water pool
Dog photo shoot in the stream
Dog training image in Tairgwaith

Ancient woodland walks

Walking in the hills local to our campsite are ancient woodlands. You can enjoy the beautiful hill walks, vistas and see mosses growing everywhere around the trees. An ideal morning walk at less than 10 minutes from Brynglas Retreat.

Ancient woodland walks in Tairgwaith
Hill walks near Brynglas Retreat
Mosses growing on tree in ancient woodland

Spring walking during Lambing season

Walking in the hills in Spring is a wonderful time, the newborn lambs are fresh and full of life. There is no better time to arrive for a few days camping than towards the end of March. It's 20th March 2019 and there are already 3 lambs visible.

Beautiful Tairgwaith Lambing Season

Sheep chewing grass
Newborn lamb
Ewe and her newborn lamb
Twin lambs cuddling up
Lamb looking for it's mum
Sheep feeding her lamb

Clydach Canal walk and park

Clydach is a beautiful village situated in South Wales and only 15 minutes from Brynglas Retreat, Tairgwaith.

I love the canal walk which is situated next to a big park with trees, swings and play area for children. There is a large field where you can let your dog take a run and play where the woods run alongside the park. The Canal walk is near the car park and it's stunning. The canal has some large glamorous houses at the start then it goes into hedges and fields of silence. This is a worthwhile drive and place to visit, also you pass Pontedawe where you can get some shopping done.

Clydach Canal walking
Clydach canal walk
Clydach Park