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campsite Tairgwaith

What is the campsite like

Brynglas retreat is on a 2 acre site in Tairgwaith overlooked by common land and hills. You may even feel like your wild camping because we are surrounded by trees and hills.We have an old railway carriage that will in time be renovated for use on wetter daysWe have our own gate that takes you straight out onto the hills for walking.

You can bring your dog or dogs as long as they are friendly because there may be other dogs on site. You must pick up poop on site, ideally dogs kept on a leash is better because sheep or lambs can come onto the land if they find a way in.

The railway carriage has been moved and is now a usable area to chill out.

Campers images
Campsite in Tairgwaith
Campervan on campsite
Modern campervan
Campsite at Brynglas retreat campervans

Campers at Brynglas Retreat.

Just a few of the vans that have arrived since we opened in 2019.

View from Camping from the van
Van near the stream
Camping at Brynglas Retreat

The site is beautiful, I cannot say how wonderful it is, I am often a wild camper and this site has that feel.



Tairgwaith Campsite

I have used the site a few times, I love it here. The site is so peaceful and relaxing.



Camper van holidays in South Wales

I have been here from the start, I have camped and helped out around the site with jobs to make it beautiful.




WINTER CAMP WITH A CAMPERVAN: During the winter it's best you are totally independent with your own toilet, power supply and you remove all rubbish when you leave.


THE TOILET MAY BE CLOSED DURING OCT-MAR to prevent frozen pipes. We do have an outside mains sewer connected shed toilet for campers to use, DO NOT EMPTY CAMPERVAN TOILETS as they may block the toilet. The wash hand basin is shallow for hand washing only. 

The land should be the same when you leave as when you came to maintain the beauty of the area for the next campers. We have a water tap for filling your portable bottles for drinking and cooking, we are unable to fill up campervans with tanks. You will be able to have a BBQ or a campfire, there will be a designated area to reduce impact on the Environment.

This is a beautiful peaceful area as you will see when you arrive and hence the reason we are an adult only site to maintain the peace. If you do have a child and they are well behaved and quite then you can bring them along to camp at our site. We use the word Retreat as a meaning for chilling and relaxing, we do not have Spa facilities etc.

Camping all year

The campsite will be open all through the year for everyone. If you are going to camp during winter you will need to be prepared, good blankets, a heater or both in the van. Winter is still showing up in early April in 2019, just a week ago we were all sat outside with our camping chairs and enjoying the sunshine, what a difference a few days makes.

Winter campers are usually well prepared for what can be thrown at them, heating, walking boots, bobble hats etc, why not  come and try Brynglas Retreat at any time of the year.

Winter camping in Tairgwaith near Black Mountains