South Wales - SA18 1YN

Set in 2 acres of private grounds overlooked by the Black mountains.
OVER 25 Adult only site 

07549 088929

Adult only campervan campsite near the Black Mountains Wales.

We have a very peaceful campsite situated just 15 minutes from the Welsh Black Mountains on the western side of the Brecons. We are an adult only campsite and most of the time no children allowed, please see exception below.  

Exceptions on under 25's
If you have a well behaved child please contact us about an exception, (only allowed if no other adults on site).
The site is aimed at someone wanting to chill and rest their mind either by walking or just chilling by the stream hence the child policy. We have been asked about an exception for a single well behaved child and that would be acceptable upon request.

There is a no loud music policy, we are hoping that people who book with us understand our goals and will enjoy their holiday.

October until March: You will need your own toilet facilities, frozen pipes may prevent our toilet from being in use.



IMPORTANT CAMPSITE  OWNERS STATEMENT : Working with nature, we are a semi wild campsite, "we are not Butlins with bars, shower blocks and entertainment" if you want that then we are not for you.

SEMI WILD CAMPSITE : If you want wild but with the safety of a campsite, we are for you. Flowers grow wild for the bees, we use a water tank on the flushing toilet to conserve water, just the one toilet, it has cold water tap only. If you want to experience camping like it should be with a wild feel, we are for you. If you need heating it has to be in your van, if you want electric, it has to be in your van. "PLEASE bring only manufactured smokeless coals for the BBQ", this is better for the environment. You can bring your own small disposable BBQ, we have an area to dispose of the ashes which will be used around plants and trees in the future. You will need to take your waste home including any packaging etc so please bring your bin, you can use our compost area for vegetable cuttings (not cooked meat waste or bones). WE TRY TO be an ECO friendly site, when you leave it should look like nobody has been. THANK YOU SO MUCH. We don't want to disappoint anyone so this is the owners fair description.

RETREAT: What does it mean? We are in an area where the loudest noise is the stream cascading through our land. We want everyone that comes here to enjoy that peace. We ask you use no music, except headphones, we ask you lower your voice because voices are really loud here because of the extreme silence. My whole reason for creating the campsite was to share that peace, I camped in my van for several months whilst doing up the house and the idea was created. You work hard all year and sometimes just need to rest the mind. I stopped the log fire pit because of the amount of smoke around the site was affecting other campers.  

Come and enjoy our campsite retreat, it's out of the way, it's up a gravel track, it almost feels like wild camping because of the stream and the way we now cut grass areas allowing wild parts for insects and wildlife. You will leave a lot more relaxed than when you arrive. We want you to enjoy what we enjoy everyday, we can walk in all directions from the site to the hills.

RUBBISH: Please can you take you rubbish away with you

CALL :  07549 088929 or text if you have any Questions.

Campervan holidays in South Wales

Campervan holidays Wales

Brynglas Retreat is a privately owned camper van campsite set in Tairgwaith in South Wales. Why not come camping and enjoy the beautiful surroundings within the hills and mountains of South Wales.  We have a beautiful and peaceful site where you can enjoy the silence we have at the site. Enjoy your camper van holiday in South Wales.

We love dogs and as long as they are controlled and social they are welcome, we are surrounded by miles of hills for dog walking. We have our own stream where you can take a walk with your wellies and let your dog play.

The old railway carriage is now the place to chill out if the weather is poor or to get some shade in the sunshine.

What are we about

You may find the site isolated as we are in the countryside up in the hills. You will find the site peaceful with plenty of places to walk without using the car. We have our own stream for a freshwater wash if you want to. Should you want to walk to the shops it is about 30 minutes walk, by car 5 minutes.
We have no EHU. The mains toilet we have may be closed at times during winter months during frost periods. If you want a small campsite in South Wales with few people about us, then we should be ideal for you.

Static cabin-van hire

We have the static cabin-van ready for hire now if you don't have a campervan or tent. If you want a bit less camping but wish to use the beautiful location then the static cabin-van is a perfect idea. From £60 per night (MINIMUM TWO NIGHTS) because we now included Duvet bedding and electric blanket, price to include sensible use of gas and electric.


Staic caravan kitchen

The Kitchen

With a fitted gas hob, fridge and microwave you can prepare your meals a bit easier.

Static caravan outside view

The static cabin-van

Our static cabin-van is available to hire.

Static caravan lounge

The lounge area

A comfortable seating area to relax.


We are unable to cater for disabilites due to the nature of the area and camber of the land. You will probably need to be able bodied to benefit from our campsite, all areas are access over gravel or grass.

Sunrise at campsite
Common land horses
Campervan holiday parked up
Stream walk

When you wake at Brynglas retreat on your holiday you will always be surprised by the beauty and the silence. When there is a sunrise with clear skies you can see all shades of reds and golds glowing and drawing you out to walk or just take a coffee and watch the wildlife. Being the owner of Brynglas Retreat every day is wonderful, just looking out over the 2 acres of land and seeing what birds have arrived during the different seasons. The woodpeckers are visible at some point during the day feeding at our bird table, we also have Red Kites flying above which are now famous within the Black Mountains. You will hear the cuckoo during early summer and during the evenings in your campervans, you will often hear the owls during the night.

Tarigwaith veiw

Campervan camping

Tairgwaith common has over the years become a hovering ground for the Red Kites most days, your motorhome campsite has these views.

Pony looking at you

Who will you meet

When you walk the area around Brynglas retreat you will come across wildlife more than people. Lots of different birds and farm animals.

Stream walking in Wales

Stream holidays

Why not pack a picnic and take a short walk of only 5 minutes up to a secluded area where nobody ever goes and relax all day.

TENTS: We accept occasional tents contact us direct.

Why a camping retreat

Brynglas Retreat: We are a place where you can holiday and rest your mind in a peaceful location. You can enjoy your campervan holiday in a beautiful quite location without disturbance. I truly believe that we all need peace during our lives, when I moved to Tairgwaith I was amazed by the silence, just the wind from the trees, birds chirping, lambs, sheep and other animals, that's it.

The farmhouse cottage was purchased in May 2018 and we camped in our campervan for several weeks to repair the house, this is when it was realised this would be nice experience for others. Having camped at many other campsites we took a look at our own 2 acres site and decided this would be an idyllic place to camp. The land has been cleared to provide a campervan holiday park with parking bays on Gravel. 

RED KITES : You will see red kites or buzzards when you visit, they are visible most days at some point.

Read more about our plans
Yellow campervan Vauxhall Movano
Dogs in water pool on holiday in Tairgwaith
Old railway carraige renovation

Dog walks within a few minutes

Sun streaming through trees
Old derelict building Tairgwaith

Walking in the hills of Tairgwaith on a sunny day is the most beautiful time to see Wales and go hill walking. This location is only minutes from from the campervan site.

When you walk to the right of the previous photo you are only ten minutes from finding this stunning demolished building covered in ancient mosses. It is wonderful to chill out here.

Local shopping

Gwaun Cae Gurwen: This is the local village that's only 5 minutes drive from Brynglas Retreat. Shops within the town include two local grocery stores for everyday items, milk, bread etc. There is a Chippy which is very good food, alongside a local public house that sells meals. For those medical emergencies we have a Doctors and Llyods chemist together. Vehicle repairs we have several places as your travel local.

We may appear to be in the middle of nowhere but Ammanford and Pontardawe have a good range of shops and banks. Tesco and Lidl are located within 15 minutes in both towns along with Homebargains and Poundland are all only 15 minutes drive away in either direction.

Brynamman still has a cinema that regularly shows the latest films, silver day is Tuesday where it's a bargain to watch a lunchtime movie. When you finish carry on up the Black Mountain for a walk and see the stunning vista.